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Annual Surveys of the UK Timber Industry

Each year the Forestry Commission, with the support of the Expert Group on Timber and Trade Statistics, conducts the surveys to collect data on the UK timber industry. The information from these surveys, together with data collected from other sources (e.g. trade associations), is then used to produce statistics to monitor the state of the timber industry and the balance between supply and demand. 

Businesses wishing to submit their 2015 data online for the Private Sector Softwood Removals Survey, the Sawmill Survey or the Survey of Round Fencing Manufacturers please click here.

We produce statistics on a wide range of topics related to forestry.

Our main statistics are published annually in Forestry Statistics and summarised in Forestry Facts and Figures. A pre-announcement of changes to the 2015 editions of Forestry Statistics and Forestry Facts and Figures is available.

We comply with the UK Statistics Authority's Code of Practice for Official Statistics, statistical survey control, statistical reviews and our annual workplan.

The National Forest Inventory (NFI) is a continuous survey of woodland in GB, comprising a woodland map and a field survey, conducted on a five-year cycle. 

Economic research


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Recent reports

UK Wood Production and Trade: 2015 provisional figures  Published 19 May 2016.

Timber Price Indices: Data to March 2016  Published 19 May 2016.

Joint Forest Sector Questionnaire: Provisional 2015 data  Published 19 May 2016.

Forestry Commission England Headline Performance Indicators at 31 March 2016
Published 26 April 2016.

Woodland Carbon Code Statistics: data to March 2016 Published 14 March 2016.

Forestry Commission England Headline Performance Indicators at 31 December 2015 Published 12 February 2016.

Woodland Carbon Code Statistics: data to December 2015 Published 14 January 2016.

Timber Price Indices: Data to September 2015 Published 5 November 2015.

Integrated Environmental and Economic Accounting for Forestry: UK 2013 data Published 8 October 2015.

Forestry Statistics 2015 and Forestry Facts & Figures 2015 Published 24 September 2015.

Joint Forest Sector Questionnaire: Final 2014 data Published 17 September 2015.

Timber Forecast Questionnaire 2015: UK forecasts Published 17 September 2015.

Nursery Survey: 2015 Edition Published 3 September 2015.

Joint Wood Energy Enquiry: 2013 data Published 2 July 2015.

Public Opinion of Forestry 2015: reports for UK/England, Scotland and Wales  Published 25 June 2015.

Last updated: 18th May 2016