We undertake a wide range of research to support our objectives of protecting and expanding Britain's forests and woodlands and increasing their value to society and the environment.

These objectives support government policies of sustainable forest management and are expressed in The UK Forestry Standard and its supporting series of Guidelines.


Our Science and Innovation Strategy sets out how research programmes are determined and how they are linked to national forestry strategies and wider government policy. The Strategy is regularly reviewed and as part of the evidence base for the current edition, an Impact Evaluation of Researchcommissioned under the previous strategy was carried out (to which the Forestry Commission responded).

The current strategy was published in March 2014 after an extensive consultation exercise. Advice on the implementation of the Strategy is provided by an independent Expert Committee on Forest Science.


We are a member of the Living With Environmental Change partnership and are involved in other similar research co-ordination bodies such as the Co-ordinated Agenda for Marine, Environment & Rural Affairs Science in Scotland (CAMERAS). Membership of these organisations is designed to improve the co-ordination of research within the UK, avoid the duplication of research activities, and ensure that programmes of research are cost effective and appropriate to the current context.

Research reports and programmes

Reports of commissioned research are published under the relevant programmes or as formal publications in the Research Report and Research Note series available from our publications catalogue.

2014 Annual report on progress of programmes

2011 Annual report on progress of programmes

Forest Research Agency

Our Forest Research agency is the principal organisation in Britain for forest and tree-related research and the main contractor undertaking research programmes for the Forestry Commission.


Last updated: 04/06/2015

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