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A Christmas present from the Forestry Commission to The Chilterns

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Family on a woodland walk

Until recently Weedonhill and Lots Wood, west of Amersham, was closed to the public because of a 999 year lease owned by a 3rd party to shoot in the woodlands.  After negotiations with the shooting tenant, the Forestry Commission is now able to open the woodlands to the public.

Originally owned by Sir Francis Drake as part of the Shardloes Estate, Weedonhill and Lots Wood, has beautiful views and a varied landscape and it is now open for people to use freely for Christmas woodland walks and on into the New Year and thereafter.

Jo Mason, Forestry Commission Beat Forester for the Chilterns, said:

“We plan to dedicate the woodland under the Countryside Rights of Way Act 2000, which means the public will have unrestricted access on foot throughout the woodland forever. There are a good number of tracks and trails, which can be used to create great walks which were not previously open to the public.

“Although there is no parking, there is good access to the woodland via footpaths and bridleways. There are now more opportunities for the woodland to benefit local people, including the potential for the public to run events through the Forestry Commission’s permissions system.  We already have an off-road duathlon organised by Summit MTB Club, which will includes a 5km run through the existing roads in Weedonhill planned for March 2011.”

The woods can be seen from the A413 and the Chilterns railway.  The variety of trees and undulating terrain make this woodland ideal for a circular walk, making it feel bigger than it really is. Weedonhill also connects to other woodlands on the valley side for those wishing to make a longer walk or those just wanting to pass through on a one-way linear walk, and return by train.

Jo Mason adds:

“I would encourage people to walk to the woods from home. For those who wish to drive, please don’t park along the road verges, as this damages the verges and can leave the woodland edges open to fly-tipping.  Please park with consideration off Weedon Lane or Copperkilns Lane and walk in along the public footpath on the East side of the woods.”

The Forestry Commission has opened these woods for public access so that the locals can make full use of this woodland for years to come. For more information, please contact the local Forestry Commission office on 01296 625825.


Notes to editors

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