Citizen’s trees to fine-tune Carbon Code

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An award winning tree planting scheme in Aberdeen could soon be taking part in evaluating Forestry Commission Scotland’s new Woodland Carbon Code.

The Code has been drawn up to meet the widespread demand for a quality assurance scheme for tree planting projects designed to sequester carbon. For the first time, the new Code will ensure tree planting projects of this kind will deliver exactly what they claim. 

Now at the pilot stage, the Code will be tested and fine-tuned on several forthcoming projects. One of those is expected to be the second phase of the Granite City Forest  project, which is helping Aberdeen City Council to plant a ‘Tree for Every Citizen’.

The Granite City Forest is a partnership between Forestry Commission Scotland, Aberdeen City Council and Aberdeen Greenspace Trust.

Dan Cadle for the Commission in Aberdeenshire, said:

“We’ve been happy to provide expertise for the Council’s scheme and combined with  financial backing from the Scottish Government’s SRDP, this has helped put 100,000 trees in the ground at sites across Aberdeen.

“It’s great that the scheme has been recognised with an environment award, which will really help focus everyone on carrying on with this good work.

“We’re working with communities across the country to help ‘green’ their environments, and helping them to get the right trees in the right places, so we’re looking forward to getting involved with the next phase of the Council’s initiative, which should see another 80,000 trees planted in the city.

“It’ll create green oases across the city and transform the local environment for wildlife as well as for thousands of citizens.”

Around a dozen candidate forest carbon projects of a selection of woodland types spread across the UK will go through the process of designing their project and having it validated with an approved certification body. The Code aims to give investors more confidence in carbon tree planting schemes resulting in woodland creation across Scotland.

Aberdeen City Council’s Housing and Environment Convener Aileen Malone said:

“We’re very pleased with what has been achieved so far and look forward to seeing more trees planted. The Tree for Every Citizen scheme will improve our environment by lowering carbon emissions. In all, 45 hectares of new woodland will be created which will take up and store 15,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide over the next 50 years.

"This is a truly fantastic initiative which will make a lasting difference to Aberdeen, aesthetically and environmentally, as well as making the city a nicer, cleaner and better place to live in, work in and visit."

Aberdeen Greenspace’s Chief Officer, Alister Clunas added:

“Aberdeen Greenspace was keen to support the project as the new tree planting will enhance the city’s greenspaces, providing attractive places for locals and visitor alike to visit.”

For further information on the Woodland Carbon Code see:

Notes to Editors
1) Forestry Commission Scotland serves as the Scottish Government’s forestry directorate and manages the 660,000 hectare national forest estate. The Commission’s woodlands are making a difference to the well being of Scotland’s people and their communities. Local woodlands act as a catalyst for communities to meet up, get involved with projects and volunteering, or simply enjoy the many walking trails, bike rides and peace and quiet that forests and woodlands can offer. By developing more woodlands, especially near towns and cities, woodlands can also improve healthier lifestyles and bring a boost to urban development across Scotland.

2) The £250,000 funding for phase one of the Tree for Every Citizen project was drawn from SRDP grant aid, backed by the Scottish Government and the European Union. Similar funding is expected to be available for phase two. In addition to SRDP grant funding, the project also benefited from a £67,000 contribution from the Community Woodland fund (part of the Commission’s WIAT programme). Additional funding has been contributed by Aberdeen Greenspace and Aberdeen City Council.

1) Tha FCS ag obair mar bhuidheann-stiùiridh coilltearachd Riaghaltas na h-Alba agus a’ riaghladh nan 660,000 heactairean ann an Oighreachd na Coille Nàiseanta, a' dìonadh, a' cumail smachd air agus a' leudachadh nan coilltean gus buannachdan a thoirt dha coimhearsnachdan, an eaconamaidh agus, ag obair an aghaidh atharrachadh gnàth-shìde.

2) Airson agallamhan anns a’ Ghàidhlig, cuiribh fios gu Oifigear Leasachaidh Gàidhlig a’ Choimisean, Louise Nicilleathain air 01463 725 038