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Popular path to be improved for walkers

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The Forestry Commission is to improve a path that is popular with walkers and horse riders. Cooling Lane, which links Higher Folds with Tyldesley, had suffered from flooding making it difficult for people to pass.

Duncan MacNaughton, Forest Ranger for the area, said:

“This is a popular path with horse riders, walkers and students so it is important that the work is done. The path is going to be resurfaced and some drainage work carried out. We also plan to cut back some of the trees to make it easier for those using the trail.”

In January trees will be cut back to prevent leaves from falling on the path and turning to mulch.

Next month the path will be resurfaced with a camber so that water drains off rather than gathering in potholes or funnelling into the drains.

Cutting back the trees will help revitalise their growth and allow light to reach the woodland floor, which will benefit flowers.

As well as people the area is popular with wildlife, attracting varieties of frogs and newts as well as woodpeckers and roe deer.

Duncan said:

“It is a beautiful area and one that is well used. Hopefully the improvements we are making to the path will make walking in the area an even more pleasant experience.”

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