A82 operation still on track – despite surprises

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Forestry Commission Scotland says that they are still on target for re-opening the 82 at Corran at 6am on Monday morning – despite uncovering an unexpected surprise.

The ‘Big Rock’ was brought down on Saturday afternoon, despite the additional problems caused by the storm damage across the region, but in the post detonation inspection a secondary ‘baby rock’ was discovered.

Alan Dickerson, Civil Engineering Central Services, who managed the project for the Commission, said:

“When clearing off the remaining rock faces after the blast, the team found more cracks that outlined a 60 tonne ‘son of Big Rock’.

“Following discussion with our consulting engineers Coffey, our contractors, Geo-rope, set about reducing the baby rock through a combination of pneumatic breaking and crow barring. Around 25 people worked through the night using rope access techniques (up to 10 abreast), to remove loose debris and winching windblown stumps down to the road. They also took off the weaker top metre & other loose material, leaving about 50 tonnes of less stable rock still to deal with.

“We are reducing the smaller rock still further (scaling & winching) and our consulting engineers – Coffey - are designing remedial works for the remaining ‘baby rock’. This will consist of permanent stainless steel bolting, a reinforced shotcrete bolted beam and pre anchored netting. All of the materials required were already onsite.

“We aim to start replacing catch fences this afternoon – which at 4m in height will take some time - clear more rock and tree debris and partially remove the road protection material so that the road will be open on Monday morning.”

As programmed, one lane will be in place for a few days next week to finish clearing up the storm damage and the site.

For more information about Forestry Commission Scotland’s current operation to remove the rock – and the longer term programme over the next 3 years - visit www.forestry.gov.uk/A82operations
You can also follow us at http://twitter.com/A82operations

Up to date information on the closure will be available on the Traffic Scotland Web site http://trafficscotland.org/

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