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Forestry and Woodlands Advisory Committees begin business

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With a refreshed remit and to better reflect their role, from 1 December 2013 Forestry Commission England’s Regional Advisory Committees changed their name to Forestry and Woodlands Advisory Committees (FWACs). They will form a powerful partnership with Forestry Commission local teams and also help to create a new urban forestry network.

Ian Gambles, Forestry Commission Director England said:

“The Committees are all about making England’s forestry policy to protect, improve and expand forests and woodlands happen locally.

“These local champions for forests and woodlands will be key to building vital local networks and partnerships across Local Enterprise Partnerships, landowners, timber processors, Local Authorities and NGOs.

“Increasing collaboration on a landscape-scale to encourage investment they will enable sustainable, local economic growth using innovation in the sector to drive improvements in the rural and urban environments.

“The Committees provide Forestry Commission England with invaluable local intelligence bringing a wide expertise from the sector and beyond, as well as strong regional and local connections and networks.

“Challenging our approach and providing local leadership will undoubtedly improve the diverse forest and woodland sector and help to deliver the Government’s forestry policy.”

FWAC members are appointed as individual advisory experts with links to the key partnerships and organisations that support local networks to develop the sector alongside wider nature and economic interests. Starting next year this will include a new urban forestry network for FWAC members with this expertise background, facilitated by the London FWAC.

The Forestry and Woodlands Advisory Committees (FWACs) and Chairs are:

  • North East                      Canon Graham Usher
  • North West                     Iain Taylor
  • Yorkshire & The Humber   Sian Ferguson
  • West Midlands                 Prof. John Moverley
  • East Midlands                  Dr. Hilary Allison
  • East England                   Jane Rabagliati
  • South West                    Dr. Mike Moser
  • South East                     Dougal Driver
  • London                          Jane Carlson


Further information

  1. Forestry Commission England works with others to protect, improve and expand our nation’s forests and woodland, increasing their value to society and the environment

  2. From 1 December 2013 the working title of the RACs changed to Forestry and Woodlands Advisory Committees to better reflect their role and refreshed remit.

    For further information see the Forestry Commission Area pages online

  3. Media contact: Stuart Burgess, 0117 372 1073, @ForestryCommEng