Blairadam wood prepared for planting

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Forestry Commission Scotland has completed the felling of trees at Blairadam Wood in Kelty making it ready for planting over 35,000 new trees.

Severe storm-force winds in January 2012 caused thousands of trees to blow over, damaging many more trees over a 16-hectare site.

Tree-felling work is now complete and the timber is being transported off the site.  The ground is being prepared for re-planting to begin in November, with a mix of spruce, conifer and broadleaves trees. 

Jenny Ventham, Community Ranger, Forestry Commission Scotland: “It has taken us quite a while to get to this point because work of this nature often requires a lot of planning and a number of partners.

“There are overhead electricity and telephone wires and underground water pipes in the area, so we had to engage the relevant companies to make this safe and ensure supplies to homes in the area were not affected.  In addition, we had to engage our wildlife experts to make sure we’re not disturbing any nests.

“Through all of the work, we had to make sure the road was accessible for local residents and businesses, and that as much of the forest as possible was still open to local residents and businesses.”

The Commission will be re-planting trees over the course of the winter months, from November to March, with a wider variety of trees than previously in the forest. 

Jenny added: “The storms affected quite a large area of the woodland, so local people will have noticed a difference to the landscape.  The site will look bare for only a short time because we are planting some fast-growing tree types across the site and we’d expect to see some visible growth coming through next year.”

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