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Scottish Power are investigating the development of a windfarm at Harestanes in the Forest of Ae which is managed by the Forestry Commission.

Laurie Tyson, Forestry Commission Land Agent for Scotland, said:

    "Clearly, windfarms have an important part to play in the development of renewable sources of energy. Forests often offer very suitable locations for windfarms.

    "Each proposal is of course subject to the normal planning process and any environmental impact assessment requirements.

    "When exploratory talks begin on potential windfarms, it is vital that local communities and representatives are fully informed. Even though it is early days, Scottish Power are undertaking local consultation to explain their proposals and to find out what people think about it. “
The Forest of Ae covers 9,100 hectares and discussions with Scottish Power aim to minimise the impact on the forest and reduce, so far as possible, the number of trees which may need to be felled.

Recreation access in the forest will continue. This proposal will not affect plans to build an endurance based mountain bike route in the forest, or the opening of a long distance horse riding route spanning the entire length of the forest plateau.

Media enquiries: Forestry Commission Press Office 0131 314 6508/6289.