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NEWS RELEASE No: 1370423 JUNE 2010

Forestry Commission improves access to research material

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ST300 equipment being used to assess timber quality of standing Sitka spruce tree

The Forestry Commission has enhanced and increased the amount of information available from the Research Programme pages on its website.

They now provide access to a much wider package of research material than was previously available.

The new pages continue as before to provide access, through its Publications Catalogue, to commissioned reports of research projects undertaken by Forest Research staff.  However, a new feature is that a greater number of published reports are now more clearly linked to the particular programmes under which they were commissioned.

The pages now also list many more reports of research projects commissioned from external providers than were previously available. Where such reports are not yet on line, the Commission is working to provide them electronically.

In all, more than 400 reports are directly available, compared with 138 in the previous service, and a link to the publication sales service is provided for users who want to buy priced reports.

Users can also link to in-depth information about the research projects themselves and the research programmes they belong to. In addition, links are provided to information about the programme leaders and researchers who work on them, such as their current and past projects and published work.

The information in the Research Programme pages is organised into programme themes, which cover:

  • climate change;
  • social and economic development and urban greening;
  • wood and timber properties;
  • ecosystems and biodiversity;
  • sustainable forest management;
  • monitoring and biosecurity; and
  • inventory and forecasting.

Roger Coppock, the Commission’s Head of Specialist Advisors, said,

"We made a commitment in our recently refreshed Science & Innovation Strategy to re-launch our research programme information this year.

“The website now presents a more complete and holistic package of information about a wider range of our commissioned research work, including a significantly greater number of research reports. We believe this will make it a much more useful resource for our customers and stakeholders.

“We will continue to develop it further to ensure our stakeholders have ready access to information as it becomes available."

The Research Programme pages and the Science & Innovation Strategy are available from links at


  1. The Forestry Commission is committed to continually commissioning and undertaking a wide range of high-quality research to provide detailed scientific information on specific topics in support of the UK Government's policy of sustainable forest management. Research is provided through a range of research programmes which together implement the Commission's Science & Innovation Strategy.
  2. Most of the Forestry Commission’s research is undertaken by the scientific and research staff of Forest Research, which is part of the Commission. Forest Research carries out world-class scientific research and technical development relevant to forestry for internal and external clients. See

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