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NEWS RELEASE No: 146752 JUNE 2011

New guide to tree species for use in Britain

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Restocking of conifers planted on mounds in a clearfell site

Forest Research has published new guidance on the main characteristics of more than 60 species of tree that are either widely grown in British forests or which could play an increasing role in the future.

Published on the Forest Research website under the heading “Tree species and provenance”, the information allows the user to select tree species by either their common names or their botanical Latin names, and could help forest managers to develop forest management and planting plans. Each entry offers a comprehensive overview of the species’ native range, preferred choice of provenance, site requirements, the pests and pathogens that affect them, and their uses.

Announcing their publication, Dr James Pendlebury, chief executive officer of Forest Research, said,

“Factors such as the changing British climate and the increasing threat to our trees, woods and forests from exotic pests and diseases make the selection of the right species for the site more important than ever. The information in these web pages should be a valuable aid to the selection process.”

The information is available at and will undergo further development over time.

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