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Volunteers get hands dirty at Fineshade Wood

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Energetic volunteers from a Corby-based company have been tackling an area of overgrown land at Fineshade Wood, with the aim of transforming it into a working garden for local children with learning disabilities.

Since July last year, members of staff from RS Components have been regularly getting their hands dirty digging, weeding, removing stones and clearing out a pond in an area which will be divided up into individual plots for the children to grow vegetables and flowers. In addition to growing produce, the garden area will be used by local schools wanting to participate in activities which will enhance pupils’ understanding of nature and the environment.

Barbara Algeo, Internal Communications Advisor at RS Components, said:

"As one of the largest employers in the Corby area, we are keen to give something back to the local community. Our work with Fineshade Wood represents a fantastic opportunity to do this and we are really pleased with how it is going; a number of departments have already been involved, and more people are expressing an interest now that the project has gained momentum."

Barbara, who was responsible for setting up the project, added:

"I would highly recommend this kind of voluntary activity to other companies; our work has brought together people from all areas of the business, enabling them to get to know each other and acting as an extremely effective team-building exercise. As well as benefiting from some hearty exercise in the great outdoors, our volunteers feel hugely satisfied knowing that their efforts will make such a big difference to local children with learning difficulties."

To boost the progress of the Fineshade Wood schools project, RS Components invested in gardening equipment for the site and arranged weekly visits to the site between July and October. During the cold, unsettled weather, gardening work has slowed down, however, RS fully understands that the garden needs to be maintained by continuous digging and weeding, and is fully committed to carrying out these tasks on an ongoing basis.

Sarah Walker, Visitor and Communities Services Manager at Fineshade Wood, said:

"The volunteers’ efforts are really paying off now as the garden area is really starting to take shape. It looks so much better than it did before RS Components began working with us and we’re tremendously grateful for all the hard work everyone has been putting into the project."

Sarah continued:

"There are various Forestry Commission projects which would benefit from the support of volunteers, so if you or your company is interested in volunteering in this way, please get in touch."

1. For more information contact Sarah Walker on 01780 444920 or email

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Fineshade Wood, north Northamptonshire
4. Fineshade Wood is part of Rockingham Forest. Corby or Stamford is the nearest town or village. Fineshade is signposted from the A43, 9 miles northeast of Corby, and 6 miles southwest of Stamford.

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