School children are sitting pretty

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25 JUNE 2010NEWS RELEASE No: 13750

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Children at Knighton Primary School are now the proud owners of 20 log seats that were produced especially for them by Forestry Commission Wales.

The seats were made from old Grand Fir logs, which were lying unused in Radnor Forest one of the woodlands that is managed by Forestry Commission Wales on behalf of the Welsh Assembly Government.

Handmade by Alex Thompson as part of his apprenticeship as a Forest Craftsperson, the wooden seats are just the right size for the primary school pupils.

The seats were delivered to the school by FC Wales’s Local Area Manager, Nick Whythe, and Mike Martin, Forest Craftsperson.

Nick said, "Last year, we provided the school with some large logs for an outdoor classroom and a few seats that proved so popular that the children queued to use them.

"When we heard that the children loved the seats so much, we were happy to make them a few more this year from some surplus logs in Radnor Forest."

The children chose where they wanted the seats to be placed on the school’s playing field and helped Nick and Mike roll them into position.

Teacher Ellen Greason Walker then explained to the children where the wood had come from and showed them how to tell how old a tree is by counting the rings inside the trunk.

Ellen said, "I would like to thank Forestry Commission Wales for making these seats and delivering them to the school.

"The children love them already and are enjoying using them during the current spell of warm weather."

Photo caption: Mike Martin (left) and Nick Whythe (right) of Forestry Commission Wales with children Dylon, Holly, Grace, Erin and Lucy from Knighton Primary School's class R1W sitting on some of the new seats.


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