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NEWS RELEASE No: 154003 APRIL 2012

First annual report of progress on Forestry Science and Innovation Strategy published

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The first annual report of the progress of programmes set out in the Forestry Commission’s Science and Innovation Strategy has been published.

The report provides outputs against most of the measures specified in the strategy, as well as detailing the extensive list of publications and public engagement delivered during 2010-11.

Roger Coppock, Head of Analysts at the Forestry Commission, said,

“When we refreshed the Science and Innovation Strategy for British Forestry in 2010, we made a commitment to produce an annual report, because we recognised that implementation of the Strategy would require continuous analysis and review.

“The annual report helps us all to focus on this need for analysis and review, and I’m very pleased to announce the first report in the series.”

The report is available for downloading from the research pages on the Commission’s website at

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