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Explore The New Forest
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Covering 145 square miles the New Forest is a place of ancient history, fascinating wildlife and stunning beauty. Originally a royal hunting preserve, the thriving working forest that you see today has survived for nearly 1000 years.

Whether you live locally and want to know more about the area you live in, or you are coming to visit us from further afield, this website will tell you all you need to know about the cultural history, fascinating wildlife and stunning beauty of the New Forest.

Dog on lead close-upDog Health

Top tips for a healthy and enjoyable visit with your dog, plus the latest information regarding dog health issues such as Alabama Rot and Seasonal Canine Illness - click here (transfers you to the national Forestry Commission web site).

These notices are currently positioned around the New Forest.

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New Forest Essential Guide

Download the 2014 copy of the New Forest Essential Guide.

Events & Guided Walks

We run a number of ranger led activities and events throughout the year. From guided walks, to fungal forays and wild wednesdays at the New Forest Reptile Centre. 

For details of New Forest Events please click here. 

Local News

In this weeks Forest Diary the topic is: "Here to Help". 


There a two barbecue sites available to hire at Anderwood and Wilverley. If you are planning on bringing your own barbecue to the New Forest or wish to hire one of our sites please view our barbecue pages.


For information on  where you can camp in the New Forest please visit our Useful Information page or click here.

Coarse Fishing

Coarse fishing is only permitted at Hatchet Pond and Little Hatchet. However it is currently closed season for coarse fishing. The fishing season will resume on 16th June. Further information where you can fish and how to obtain a fishing permit will be available from the beginning of June.


 Exploring the forest by bike is the ideal way to discover the magnificent beauty and fascinating wildlife that can easily be missed by car.
For  information on cycling in the New Forest and the routes which start in Lyndhurst please visit our cycling in the New Forest pages where a copy of the Cycle Network map can be downloaded.

Educational Enquiries

If you are planning an educational visit to the New Forest and would like advice from a member of the Ranger team please contact us on 023 8028 3141 or e-mail us at .  Alternatively you will find lots of information about the New Forest throughout this site.

You may also wish to visit our Useful Information page, which has links to education providers and other organisations in the New Forest. 

Horse Riding

The New Forest, Ringwood and Wareham Forests are wonderful places to go Horseriding. Please click here for further information on Forestry Commission riding permits. For details of  local riding stables please click here.

Waymarked Walks

 If you are looking for a set route to walk we have provided a number of way-marked walks from our favourite spots. For information on these walks please visit our Waymarked Walks page.

What do other visitors say?

In Holly Hatch inclosure you have established a deer fenced area presumably for regeneration.I noticed that this contained conifer saplings.I thought it was only necessary to protect broadleaved trees as conifers seem to evade being browsed by deer etc.Your comments would be appreciated. Sincerely Dave

D Lee, 9/Mar/2014

Thank you for your interest in Holly Hatch. There are conifers being protected there. We are trying to establish a new crop here in line with the approved Forest Design Plan for this area, which has been designated a conifer plantation. Unfortunately there is a well known deer movement route straight through the planting site. The deer were grazing as they passed along this route nibbling the tops out of the conifer trees therefore stunting their growth. To try and ensure a better quality and quantity of establishment of the conifers it was decided to fence around this site. There are still two smaller sections of the site that are unfenced. We hope this answers your question.

Forestry Commission Response
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We are regular walkers & many animals of late are extremly hungary up round janesmoor pond area, is there anything you can do about this as its very upsetting to wittness this in front of tourists

mrs j macnally, 31/Jan/2014

Thank you for your comment. Which has been passed to the New Forest Verderers. Their response is below: “I note your concern that horses and cattle in the vicinity of Janesmoor pond seem short of food. So far as the cattle are concerned, they return to their owners’ holdings to be fed on a daily basis. The ponies on the Forest are normally hardy enough to manage without supplementary feeding during the winter as they are semi feral and most are only handled once a year when they are rounded up. Like wild animals, they lose some condition in the winter and then put on weight again during the summer and autumn months. The Verderer’s employ 5 Agisters who monitor the condition of the commoners animals and ensure that any which fall below an agreed condition score, are caught and taken back to their owners’ holdings”

Forestry Commission Response

I was told that it is possible to purchase logs (for our new log burner) from yourselves, & that information is available on the forestry web sight,but I have found nothing. Can you advise me please

David Pashley, 26/Jan/2014

Thank you for your enquiry about firewood sales. Details about firewood can be found on this web page: You may be interested to know that there is currently a tender open for some small amounts of firewood through our E-sales system. There is a link to E-sales at the bottom of the web page. The tender closes on the 3rd Feb.

Forestry Commission Response
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Last updated: 04/14/2014

Chalara ash dieback

What's Here?

  • Forest drive
  • Travel along the Bolderwood Ornamental Drive and visit the deer viewing platform at Bolderwood to see if you can spot the Fallow deer. Or cross the A35 and travel down the Rhinefield Ornamental drive. Stop off at Blackwater car park to visit the Blackwater Arboretum or walk along the Tall Trees Trail.
  • Information
  • The Bolderwood information centre is open from Easter until October (during weekends and school holidays), staffed by knowledgable Forestry Commission Rangers and Volunteers.
  • Parking
  • The Forestry Commission provides 134 car parks across the New Forest. We kindly request that vehicles are parked in one of these. A copy of the New Forest Car Park can be downloaded by clicking on the link under 'Related Documents'
  • Toliets
  • There are public toilets in the following Forestry Commission car parks; Anderwood, Blackwater, Bolderwood, Hatchet Pond, New Forest Reptile Centre, Wilverley Plain and Whitefield Moor.
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OS Grid ref: SU297082

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General Enquiries

023 8028 3141

Opening & Parking

The Forestry Commission provides 134 car parks across the New Forest. We kindly request that vehicles are parked in one of these. A copy of the New Forest Car Park can be downloaded by clicking on the link under 'Related Documents'

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