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Discover brand new woodlands, ponds, orchards and wildflower meadows at Jeskyns Community Woodland.  Come and watch it grow.

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Jeskyns Farm. North KentGet the most up to date information about what is happening at Jeskyns.


Gruffalo Orienteeering Course

GruffaloJoin in the fun from 15th July 2016 with our self led Gruffalo Orienteering Course. Course maps available for purchase from the cafe (£1.50).  Sign up to hear more about our Gruffalo activities!

Events and Activities

Cardinham Forest SchoolWhatever the season join us for fun and informative events and activities such as our Forest School Activity Programme.

Responsible dog owners welcomed!

Jeskyns Dog Club mascot 1Jeskyns is a great place to have fun with your pooch. Why not join our free Jeskyns Dog Club and help us to promote responsible dog ownership?

What do other visitors say?

I visit jeskyns most days with my 11 month old doodle dog, but today we had a very unfortunate encounter with a very grumpy man whilst we were in the dogs off leads area, I had kept my dog on lead whilst we walked past a lab who was on lead,I ALWAYS put him back on lead if I come across another dog on lead, we passed the dog + I then released my dog again, coming in the opposite direction was a springer which was OFF LEAD !!!! I saw no reason that my dog should not also be free to roam and as this dog was not on lead I assumed all was well for my boy to come off as well, this chap was incredibly rude telling me I shouldn't have let my dog off lead until he had an opportunity to get control off his dog which he claimed to be training, when I said my dog was friendly and just wanted to say hello he said he didn't want him to say hello, he then commented that my dog was to big! I did say that this was the off lead section and that I had every right to let my dog off, had his dog been on lead I would never have dreamed off letting my dog off, I wonder how many other people he had offended when their dogs had approached his dog, Thankfully a kind hearted cyclist stopped by and witnessed the situation and confirmed that he couldn't see what this blokes problem was as I had done nothing wrong.Its a shame our walk was ruined by this incident, My dog is friendly and as a rule I find most people at jeskyns to be so as well.

frequent jeskyns visitor, 17/Aug/2016

Just a comment regarding dogs on leads.

I cannot believe the arrogance of some folk who completely disregard this rule for the areas where it is marked that they should be on leads and swan around as though they own the joint.

Personally I think the signs should be made bigger and be more blunt because they should not have any wiggle room for excuses - fining them or banning them would be good too although I understand that is unlikely to be enforceable.

I appreciate that approaching folk is not a nice thing to do and I certainly appreciate you doing it and hopefully for the majority of people its an honest mistake and they will comply but then you get the idiots who think you are stamping on their 'god given rights' and take exception.

he rules are the rules - if you don't like it find another park!

Peter, 15/Jul/2016

Our Rangers do spend as much time as possible on site enforcing the on leads zone and we have just printed a copy of visitor complaints in relation to this issue to give to people we see not abiding by the rules to enable them to see the issue from others points of view. Rest assured e will keep trying!

Forestry Commission Response
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I've noted that a husky meet takes place on a sunday. Im just wondering if our great dane could join in? She really needs to meet dogs who can run and handle her 10 month old playfulness!!!

Vicky huckle, 4/Jun/2016

The group is mainly huskies, but I know that they are very welcoming to all dogs. Go along and introduce yourselves!

Forestry Commission Response
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Last updated: 15th August 2016

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  • Picnic
  • Viewpoint
  • Cafe
  • Cafe open daily 9:30am - 3:30pm
  • Cycling
  • Cycles welcome to use all paths - but please give way to pedestrians.
  • Horse riding
  • Dedicated grass horse trail.
  • Orienteering
  • Permanent orienteering course. Maps available from
  • Parking (chargeable)
  • 1.50 per day or 30 Discovery Pass (annual). Please note: 2m height restriction at entrance.
  • Play area
  • Range of natural play features.
  • Walking
  • Range of easy access, hard surfaced trails.
  • Toliets
  • Toilets open during cafe opening hours (9:30am - 3:30pm daily).
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OS Grid ref: TQ660699
Postcode: DA12 3AN

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Jeskyns Ranger

01474 825118

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Opening Times:
7am to dusk - currently 9pm
1.50 per day or 30 Discovery Pass (annual). Please note: 2m height restriction at entrance.
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