Squirrels and England's Woodlands

GREY SQUIRREL.The Policy and Action Statement (published on 22nd January 2006) aims to manage the risks presented by grey squirrels whilst maintaining public support for control.

It also sets out a rationale for our role which is to:

  • support and encourage the effective and humane control of grey squirrels, focusing resources on locations where they are causing the greatest threat to the sustainable management of woodland, and the associated public benefits;
  • fund, in partnership with others, research into methods of control and silvicultural techniques, which offer effective damage control and management;
  • continue to monitor and evaluate the damage caused by grey squirrels and the threat they pose to sustainable woodland management.

The publication of this Policy and Action Statement, and the prioritising of our existing resources in support of grey squirrel control, does not prevent landowners and managers controlling squirrels by any legal means available to them outside or within the areas where we will be offering support.


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