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UK Red Squirrel Group

UK Red Squirrel Group

Red squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris) at a wildlife feeding area.Red squirrel.

The UK Red Squirrel Group (UKRSG) aims to co-ordinate and raise awareness of the conservation needs of our native red squirrel and the action being taken to deliver this under the UK Red Squirrel Species Action Plan.  The group has an official responsibility to report the success and progress towards this within the overall UK Biodiversity Action Plan but also helps to develop and co-ordinate advice and best-practice on red squirrel conservation issues for landowners, conservationists, statutory officials and the general public. The group works at the UK level and liaises closely with the country groups to deliver action on a local level. The group works under these Terms of Reference (PDF-25K).

Who are the UKRSG?

The group has representatives from Government nature conservation agencies, landowners and non-government organisations which provides a balanced approach to the conservation needs and action for red squirrels. The group meets twice a year to discuss progress, identify any new issues and to share important ideas and information.

Current membership of the UKRSG includes those forums and organisations listed below. There is a rolling Secretariat.

The Country Squirrel Forums


Most recent minutes of the UK Red Squirrel Group