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Technical Development Services

Photos left to right, a forwarder, outdoor workshop in the woods and timber stacks

Services that we provide

Technical Development Services provide evidence based information and recommendations to forestry practitioners and decisions makers.

We investigate mechanised and manual work systems in forestry and associated operations for the Forestry Commission, and for external organisations on a contract basis.

  • We disseminate our findings in publications, seminars and workshops.
  • As part of our mission to support the forest industry, we also provide practical advice related to forest operations via telephone or email.
  • We organise some specific workshops and seminars, on request, to address specific technical issues.

Our experience

  • Evaluation of forestry operations
    We inform best practice guidance and policies and assess different working methods.
  • Knowledge dissemination
    We share and disseminate knowledge within the forest industry via our enquiries service, attendance at forestry events and shows, publication of findings, and workshops and seminars.
  • Contribution to international projects
    We contribute to a number of projects relating to forest operations and to the development of ISO standards on related safety matters.

Our expertise

Our expertise is built upon:

  • Staff qualified and experienced in forest management and forest operations
  • Using work study methods to asses and evaluate forestry operations
  • A network of practitioners in the forest industry.

This is backed up by our research into five main areas:

Our publications

We produce publications evaluating and describing forestry methods and machinery for greater efficiency, improved ergonomics and safety and reduced environmental impact. Some of these are available online:

If you do not find what you are looking for on those pages, please contact us at or phone 01387 860 264.

Our offices

Map showing locations of Technical Development Services offices

We have offices in:

Contacting us

If you are interested in these services or would like further information then email or telephone 01387 860 264 or contact:

Michael Wall
Forest Research
Technical Development
Forestry Commission
Ae Village
Scotland DG1 1QB

Tel: 01387 860264/348
Fax: 01387 860386

Technical Development North (Ae) Technical Development South (Delamere)

Technical Development Group

These services are provided by the Technical Development Group.

They investigate mechanised and manual work systems in forestry and associated operations in five main areas:

  • Ecosystem management
  • Establishment and maintenance
  • Harvesting and transport
  • Safety and ergonomics
  • Woodfuel

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