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Tree Health Diagnostic and Advisory service

Nationwide diagnosis, identification and advice on tree diseases.

Consultancy and research

Finding better ways of managing natural resources, improving tree quality and forest operations and helping customers to solve forestry and tree related problems.

Woodland heritage services

Helping land managers discover and protect what's under the woodland canopy.

Plant, tree, soil and water testing

Chemical analysis of plant, water and soil samples, testing of plant stock quality and tree assessment products.

Research forests

Conduct studies in a known context, with access to the forests (in Hampshire and Gwynedd) and their historic scientific data.

Technical development services

Information and recommendations for forestry practitioners and decisions makers about mechanised and manual work systems and associated operations.

Technical services (TSU)

Technical and environmental services and advice to scientists, woodland managers and land based industries.

Chemicals Regulation Directorate efficacy testing

Provision of quality assured field trials of new and existing pesticides under strictly controlled environmental conditions.