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Consultancy and research services

Inductively Coupled Plasma-Optical Emission Spectroscopy used to analyse environmental samples

Assessing seedling regenration in an over-mature Scots pine stand

You will find details our research programmes, both past and present, in the research section of this website.

In addition we also provide consultancy, diagnostic and advice services. Details of these are provided in the products and services section.

Competitive charge rates

Forest Research conducts both its core research programmes and its additional advisory and consultancy projects for external clients using the same charging strategy:

  • This charging strategy is to recover from its customers its full operating costs, including the cost of overheads and capital
  • This approach is common across most government executive agencies, and Forest Research follows the specific rules laid out in the relevant UK government guidelines
  • All customers are expected to pay the same full cost recovery charges.

Having compared our charging rates with competitors, we are confident that Forest Research offers good value for money.

Contact details

If you wish to contract us to perform research or for any of the above services then please contact either:

  • The person given on the appropriate page, for example related to the area of consultancy or research that you require or
  • Alison Melvin, our Business Development and Marketing Manager at the address below.

Alison Melvin
Business Development Manager
Forest Research
Alice Holt Lodge
Surrey GU10 4LH

Tel: 01420 22255 (direct: 01420 526217)
Fax:01420 520417