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Consultancy and research services

Forest Research scientists provide a number of research and consultancy services, both in the UK and internationally.  Some services are fee-based and others are free.

In addition we undertake collaborative bids with other research providers.

Our forestry based services include:

  • Ecological research services
    • Presentations at workshops and field events and advice by phone and e-mail and visits to give individual advice in context on:
      • Suitability of sites for restoring peatland habitats
      • Lowland woodland restoration
      • Managing existing open habitats and restoring priority open habitats.
      • Priority species management
      • Deer and stock management in forests and woodlands
      • Grey squirrel management and control, and red squirrel conservation
      • Protecting trees from wildlife impacts
      • Risks from alien invasive species
    • Surveys:
      • Identification of Sphagnum Moss species and advice on conservation management
    • DNA analysis:
      • Molecular genotyping of tree species (eg. black poplar)   
      • Real-time PCR tests to differentiate between animal species from droppings and scats (e.g. fox vs pine marten; black grouse, red grouse and capercaillie.
    • GIS analysis:
      • Habitat network mapping
      • Advice on interpreting habitat network maps used by Forestry Commission Wales and Forestry Commission Scotland
      • Incorporation of habitat network mapping into spatial planning
    • Facilities for testing physical barriers, chemical and physical deterrents against:
      • Grey Squirrels
      • Rabbits 
      • Roe deer
      • Muntjac deer
  • Environmental research services
    • Expert advice in environmental research fields
    • Chemical analysis of plant tissue, soil and water samples
    • Environmental impact assessments
    • Physical environmental sustainability audits (site/forest specific)
    • Catchment based critical load assessments
    • Brown field site investigations
    • Soil-forming material advisory service for land reclamation
    • Testing service for novel products/amendments for land reclamation
  • Research forests
    • Conduct studies in a known context with access to the forests (in Hampshire and Gwynedd) and their historic scientific data
  • Social research services
    • Advice on the design and conduct of social research
    • Research project design and management
    • Advice on social forestry issues
  • Technical development services
    • Evaluation and development work on forestry and associated operations.
  • Technical services (fieldwork and nursery services)
    • Technical and environmental services to scientists, woodland managers and land based industries
  • Tree Health Diagnostic and Advisory Service

Our customers include:

  • UK Government departments
  • European Union
  • UK research councils
  • Commercial organisations
  • Private individuals
  • Charities.

For further information

If you require further information or wish to contract us to perform research or for any of the above services then:

  • See the respective web pages, for example related to the area of consultancy or research that you require, where you will find the appropriate contact details or
  • Email us at or
  • Complete the on-line information request form or
  • Contact our Business Development Manager at the address below.

Alison Melvin
Business Development Manager

What's of interest

We have performed work in Canada, Africa, Russia, India, China and South America on topics ranging from seed propagation problems to control of a teak defoliator and an investigation of a specific tree decline and dieback problem in the Seychelles.

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