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Protecting trees

theme_protecting_pic.jpgPromoting environmentally acceptable measures of preventing and controlling damage to Britain's trees from pests and diseases.

About this research, its background and objectives, and underlying Forestry Commission policy

Current research areas

Dothistroma needle blight

Current projects

Impact of Phytophthora diseases on trees

Past Projects


Understanding oak decline

Horse chesnut bleeding canker

Past projects

New damaging forest pests

Current projects


Advice and extension

Current Projects

Past Projects

Phytosanitary research

Current projects

Past Projects


Chalara ash dieback

Current projects


Past projects

  • Potential ecological impact of the disease ash dieback on UK woodlands and species
  • Climate change and invasive pests and pathogens

    Current projects

    Past Projects

    Forest management of endemic pests and pathogens

    Current projects

    Past projects

    Reducing the impact of non-native or invasive vertebrates to forestry 

    Past Research


    Specific tree and woodland problems


    For further information contact:

    Pathogens and abiotic disorders

    Dr Joan Webber

    Invertebrate pests

    Dr Hugh Evans

    Mammalian and rodent pests

    Dr Chris Quine


    Tree Health Diagnostic and Advisory Service
    Nationwide diagnosis, identification and advice on tree diseases.

    The Forestry Commission Plant Health Service also provides information about current tree health issues.

    What's of interest

    Major funding to fight back against ash dieback
    Fast track funding has been awarded to a new consortium of researchers for studying ash dieback fungus.

    This short (2min) video explains how we test for Phytophthora ramorum in our laboratory at Alice Holt Research Station.

    Evaluation of conifer site restocking practice

    We are carrying out an evaluation of current practice in relation to problems arising from damage from adult Hylobius abietis (pine weevil) on newly planted trees.

    Conifer site restocking questionnaire (MS Word-240K)

    Horse chestnut leaf miner

    Instructions for reporting suspected sightings

    Current tree health issues

    Acute oak decline, Phytophthora diseases and Dothistroma needle blight (PDF-1375K)
    Presentation to Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors in March 2011.

    Selected publications

    Publication cover
    Red band needle blight of conifers in Britain (PDF-1200K)
    Forestry Commission Research Note 2

    Progress in Research on Phytophthora Diseases of Forest Trees

    Resistance of Young Conifers to Feeding Damage by Pine Weevil (PDF-786K)
    Foresty Commission Information Note 87

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