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    Environmental research and services

    Meteorology equipment at top of mast in Alice Holt Level II plots . Location: Alice Holt , Hampshire , England .Forest Research undertake research and provide expert advice on the effects of the physical and historic environment on forests and woodlands (and vice versa). We also develop sustainable establishment and management practices for both conventional forests and new woodlands located on farmland and brownfield sites.

    The scope of this research and expertise encompasses:

    • Research and monitoring of forest ecosystems
    • Forest hydrology
    • Soil science
    • Climate change and atmospheric pollution
    • Land reclamation and remediation, including the re-use of waste materials
    • Urban geography
    • Archaeology
    • Managing the Forestry Commission Meteorological Stations across Britain
    • Providing laboratory and consultancy services to the forestry industry.

    Inductively Coupled Plasma-Optical Emission Spectroscopy used to analyse environmental samplesConsultancy, research and laboratory services

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    Research programmes

    Environmental research contributes to programmes within:


    For further information contact:

    • Expert advice in environmental research fields - Tom Nisbet
    • Chemical analysis of plant tissue, soil and water samples - Francois Bochereau
    • Environmental impact assessments - Kieron Doick
    • Physical environmental sustainability audits (site/forest specific) - Kieron Doick
    • Catchment based critical load assessments- Tom Nisbet
    • Brown field site investigations - Kieron Doick
    • Soil-forming material advisory service for land reclamation - Kieron Doick
    • Testing service for novel products/amendments for land reclamation - Kieron Doick