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Amy Stewart, BA, MA, PhD

Social Scientist

Amy Stewart


Tel: +44 (0)300 067 5900
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Fax: +44 (0)131 445 5124

Forest Research
Northern Research Station
Midlothian EH25 9SY

Amy joined Forest Research in May 2009 as a social scientist, after spending two years on the Forestry Commission Graduate Development Programme. This post involved working in a variety of roles including: Local Area Manager; Woodland Officer; Development Officer and; working within policy teams at both a GB and country levels. Before this Amy completed a PhD in political science at Newcastle University, which examined multi-stakeholder partnerships for sustainable development, with a particular focus on water and sanitation provision in Africa

Current role

Social Scientist

Responsibilities include the design, execution and management of social research in support of sustainable land use in the UK and Europe.

Current programmes

Society and diversity in relation to trees, woods and forests
Project Leader.
Social media: what kinds of data can be utilised to inform policy makers and managers about the management and benefits of trees, woods and forests.

Evaluation and appraisal of the social dimensions of forestry
Project Leader.

  • Working as part of a team on an evaluation of the Better Woodlands for Wales grant scheme
  • Uptake of decision support systems (DSS) in the forestry sector: enhancing the relevance and uptake of decision support systems

Forest governance: planning, partnerships and participation
Helping to explore how different models of ownership/management (public, private, civil society) of trees, woods and forests work in relation to different contexts and objectives.

Trees and woods for well-being and quality of life
Collaborating on a project investigating the relationship between peri-urban forests and health and well-being.

Research areas

  • Stakeholder analysis and multi-stakeholder partnerships
  • Policy approaches to international development
  • The governance of natural resources
  • Place-making, social capital and regeneration
  • The benefits of urban forestry, greenspace and green infrastructure
  • Social enterprise and community empowerment
  • The development and uptake of decision-support systems
  • Social media.

Main recent publications

Lawrence, A. and Stewart, A. (2011). Sustainable forestry decisions: on the interface between technology and participation. Invited paper. Mathematical and Computational Forestry & Natural-Resource Sciences 3 (1): 42--52

Sangster, M., Busse Nielsen, A. and Stewart, A. (2011). The physical (peri-)urban forestry resource in Europe. Briefing paper for European Commission workshop, Sharing experiences on urban and peri-urban forestry, 28th January, 2011, Brussels.

Stewart, A. (2011). Woodland-related social enterprise: enabling factors and barriers to success (PDF-971K). Report to Forestry Commission.

Stewart, A., Bell, S., Sanesi, G., De Vreese, R. and Arnberger, A. (2011). The societal benefits of (peri-)urban forestry in Europe. Briefing paper for European Commission workshop, Sharing experiences on urban and peri-urban forestry, 28th January, 2011, Brussels.

Ambrose-Oji, B., Lawrence, A., Wallace, J., and Stewart, A. (2010). Constructing partnerships with state forestry, the British experience . In Ambrose-Oji, B., and Fancett, K., (eds) 2011, Woods and Forests in British Society: Progress in research and practice (PDF-2066K).  Forest Research Monograph 3, Forest Research, Farnham, Surrey. pp 67-73

O’Brien, L., Williams, K. and Stewart, A. (2010). Urban health and health inequalities and the role of urban forestry in Britain (PDF-2172K). Report to Forestry Commission.

Stewart, A., Molteno, S. and Lawrence, A. (2010). Social Benefits of Green Infrastructure. Chapter in Benefits of Green Infrastructure (PDF-1211K). Forest Research Report to Defra and CLG.

Stewart, A. (2010). Place-making and Communities: A review of concepts, indicators, policy and practice (PDF-923K). Report to Forestry Commission.

Stewart, A. and O’Brien, L. (2010) Inventory of social evidence and practical programmes relating to trees, woods and forests and urban/peri-urban regeneration, place-making and place-shaping (PDF-2710K). Report to Forestry Commission.

Ambrose-Oji, B., Wallace, J., Lawrence, A. and Stewart, A. (2010). Forestry Commission working with civil society (PDF-205K) . Report to Forestry Commission.

Stewart, A., Lawrence, A. and Edwards, D. (2010). Uptake of Decision Support Systems in the Forestry Sector in Great Britain – Scoping Report (PDF-655K). Report to Forestry Commission.

Stewart, A. and Gray, T. (2009). The Governance of Water and Sanitation in Africa: Achieving sustainable development through partnership. I.B. Tauris, London.

Stewart, A. (2008). Partnerships for Water and Sanitation in Africa - Obstacles, Constraints and Next Steps for the Commission on Sustainable Development (PDF-369K). Discussion paper for UN Commission on Sustainable Development (16th Session)

Stewart, A. and Gray, T. (2006). The Authenticity of 'Type Two' Multi Stakeholder Partnerships for Water and Sanitation in Africa: When is a stakeholder a partner? Environmental Politics, 15 (3): 362-378

Stewart, A. (2004). The Politics of Multi-stakeholder Partnerships for Water and Sanitation: The significance and worth of World Summit Type Two Partnerships. Conference Paper presented in February 2004 and published in 'Proceedings of the Workshop on Water and Politics', Marseilles, World Water Council