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Monitoring and evaluating quality of life for Forestry Commission England


In 2009, a 3-year fully-funded project was initiated at Forest Research, Farnham England.  Funded by Forestry Commission-England, the project seeks to capture the contribution that trees, woods and forests make to the quality of life of people living and working in the vicinity.

The project is a collaboration between the Forest Research Social and Economic Research Group and Land Regeneration and Urban Greenspace Group and is the first major impacts appraisal project within Methuselah.

The project is being undertaken at 3 flagship Forestry sites across England:

Data gathering approach

The project uses 4-pronged approach to data gathering:

  • National public opinion of trees, woods, forests survey
  • Visitor surveys (conducted on-site at the flagship sites)
  • Site management records (using Methuselah site management principles and methodologies)
  • Social surveys (conducted by telephone, to population living within a 4-km radius of flagship sites).
Diagram showing data gathering approach used for Methusula-based quality of life evaluation for Forestry Commission England

Further information

Full information on the monitoring and evaluation work, description of the flagship sites and conclusions are available below:


For more information contact:

Kieron Doick
Jake Morris