Software to support transformation to Continuous Cover Forestry

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Since the early 1980s Continuous Cover Forestry (CCF) has featured increasingly in discussions about the future management of British forests.

Guidance on silvicultural options for transformation of an even-aged stand to continuous cover focuses attention on the fact that a prerequisite for the successful adoption of CCF is a commitment to a more flexible, adaptive approach to stand management based on an understanding of woodland development over time in a given location. In response to the requirements of forest managers, a system of sampling to monitor the process of transformation has been developed.

This software supports forest managers who use this monitoring system. It aims to provide a convenient method of processing the data into a format that will help understand what is happening in the stand, this can then be used as a basis to plan future silvicultural interventions.

More about the transformation to CCF and using this software

Current release: Version 1.0

System requirements

The software is compatible with Microsoft® Windows® operating systems (fully tested on NT and XP).

RAM: 10Mb
Disk space on installation: 11Mb*
Processor: P4/Athlon recommended
Microsoft® Excel 97 or above
Microsoft® Word 97 or above

* Additional space required as data is stored in the database

How to order

The software is supplied free on a CD-ROM that also includes:

For a copy of the CD-ROM please contact:

Gary Kerr