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Research themes

Research home page
Climate change
Evaluating woodland resources and potentials
Land reclamation and urban greening
People, trees and woodlands
Protecting trees
Sustainable forest management
Tree improvement and forest genetics
Woodland biodiversity
Woodlands and the environment
EU research programmes

Research expertise

Social research

Research programmes and topics

Active England - monitoring and evaluation of five projects
Acute oak decline
Adapting forests and woodlands in Wales to a future climate
Adapting Scotland's forests to a future climate
Advice on the management of extensive stem bleeding of oak
Alternative silvicultural systems (lowlands) - Continuous Cover Forestry
Archaeological prospecting in woodland using LiDAR
Assessing and communicating animal disease risks for countryside users
Biological and Environmental Evaluation Tools for Landscape Ecology (BEETLE)
Biological control of conifer root and butt rot
Black squirrels
Bleeding Canker of Horse Chestnut
Bleeding on oak stems
Brash removal
Cell wall macromolecules and reaction wood (CEMARE)
Chalara Trials Pilot Project
Chopwell Wood Health Pilot Project
Clearance and disposal strategies for Phytophthora infected rhododendron
Climate change adaptation
Climate change and society
Climate change impacts and adaptation in England's woodlands
Climate change mitigation
Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA)
Collaborative frameworks in land management: a case-study of wild deer in Britain
Compression wood in conifers
Cydcoed evaluation programme
Determining invasiveness and risk of Dothistroma (DIAROD)
Developing the UK’s tree health early warning system
Developing climate change adaptation strategies for forests (ForeSTClim)
Developing methods to monitor performance and health of deer
Development of storm resistant landscapes through regional co-operation, adapted management and risk communication (STORMRISK)
Do forests acidiy waters?
Ecological Impact Assessment (EIA) of pollutants in the urban environment
Environmental change network
EU COST actions
EU Framework projects
EU Interreg projects
EU LIFE projects
Evaluating carbon stocks in British forest soils
Evaluation and appraisal of the social dimensions of forestry
Evaluation of the economic and social value of ‘Forestry for People’ in Scotland
Forest economics: appraisal, valuation and incentives
Forest Focus - BioSoil project
Forest governance: planning, partnerships and participation
Forest hydrology
Forestry, sustainable behaviours and behaviour change
Further development and implementation of an EU-level forest monitoring system (FutMon)
Genetic conservation
Genetic conservation molecular studies
Great Storm of October 1987
Green networks and people
Habitat networks
Habitats and Rare Priority Protected Species (HaRPPS)
Historic environment
Horse Chestnut Leaf Miner
Impact of herbivores on woodland ecosystems
Impact of pests and pathogens under changing management
Impact of Phytophthora diseases on trees
Improving the ecological content of Forest Plans
Integrated forest management (IFM) of Hylobius abietis
Integrated forest vegetation management
Intensive long term monitoring of forest ecosystems - trends
Intensive long term monitoring of forest ecosystems (Level II programme)
Investigation of canopy throughfall and interception
Landowners’ attitudes to woodland creation and management in the UK
Landscape ecology
Management and restoration of priority open habitats
Mammal damage to trees and woodland
Management of grey squirrels
Management of multifunctional forests (MULTIFOR)
Massaria disease
Models for adaptive forest management in a changing climate (MOTIVE)
Monitoring urban greenspaces using Methuselah
Native species that may be mistaken for oak processionary moth
Northern ToSIA (Tool for Sustainability Impact Assessment)
Oak decline/dieback
Oak Processionary Moth
'Offenders and Nature' schemes
OPAL Tree Health Survey
Operational Guidance Booklet 7 support
Pathway evaluation and pest risk management in transport (PERMIT)
Phytophthora kernoviae
Pine-tree lappet moth
Public Forest Estate: social study
Red band needle blight
Reducing the impact of non-native or invasive vertebrates to forestry
Resource infrastructure for monitoring and adapting European Atlantic forests under changing climate (REINFFORCE)
Review of EU Forest Focus programme
Rhododendron control
Role of riparian shade in controlling stream water temperature in a changing climate
Seed and seedling biology
Selection and testing of conifers - Marker aided selection (MAS)
Silviculture and timber properties
Slowing the Flow at Pickering
Social media and forestry
Society and diversity in relation to trees, woods and forests
Soil sustainability
Species action plans research
Straits Enclosure long-term carbon flux site
Stump harvesting
Survey of non-woodland amenity trees
Sustainability impact assessment of the forestry-wood chain (EFORWOOD)
Transformation to continuous cover forestry: Modelling costs and revenues
Tree species and provenance
Tree stability and climate
Trees and woods for well-being and quality of life
Uptake of Decision Support Systems in the GB forestry sector
Urban forestry and society
Urban green networks, corridors and linkages
Urban trees and greenspace in a changing climate
Using molecular technology to characterise the biology of Pseudomonas syringae pv. aesculi, causing bleeding canker of horse chestnut
Visualisation tools for public participation in managing landscape change (VISULANDS)
Wildfires in Wales: social drivers and mitigation measures
Wind and trees
Woodland for Water: Woodland measures for meeting Water Framework Directive objectives
Woodland structure and birds – effects of woodland management and deer browsing
Yield models for energy coppice of poplar and willow

Steering groups and partnerships

Improving Conifer Timber Quality Steering Group
Urban Regeneration and Greenspace Partnership

Products and services

Products and services home page
Alice Holt Research Forest
Chemical analysis service
Consultancy and research services
Disease diagnosis and advisory service
Dyfi Catchment and Woodland Research Platform
ESC Decision Support System
Foliar analysis service
Forest planning and management tools
Herbicide Advisor
Hylobius Management Support System
Library and information service
PG Suspension
Photo library
Plant analysis service
Plant quality testing service
Research Forests
Software to support transformation to Continuous Cover Forestry
Soil analysis service
Technical development services
Technical services
Tools to support forest management decisions
Water analysis service
Woodland Heritage Services

Specific publications and newsletters

Annual reports
A Strategic Assessment of the Afforested Peat Resource in Wales
Biodiversity and conservation newsletter of Forest Research - Ecotype (was Biotype)
Biotype (Ecotype archive)
Corporate plans and framework documents
Forest Research Executive Board minutes
Forest Research online newsletter (FR News)
FR Eye (FR News archive)
Pathology bulletin - Path News
Science and business news (FR News archive)
Short summaries of social forestry projects
Social and Economic Research Group newsletter - Growing Places
Tree pest and disease alerts and advisory notes
Visiting Groups reports
Woodfuel Information Pack

Addresses and locations

Addresses and locations
Ae office
Alice Holt Research Station
Delamere office
Exeter field station
Fineshade field station
Mabie (closed)
Newton field station
Northern Research Station
Rugeley (closed)
Shobdon field station
Talybont field station
Wykeham field station

About Forest Research

About us home page
Aims and objectives
Contact us home page
People in Forest Research
Quality assurance


News home page
Latest newsletters and bulletins


Events home page
Alien invasive species and international trade
Forest health day - East of England 2011
Forest health days - South East England 2011
Forestry Woodchain
ForestSAT 2005
Meeting of the Nordic Group for the Management of Genetic Resources of Trees
SilviLaser 2008: LiDAR applications in forest assessment and inventory
Trees and forests in British society
Trees in a changing climate
Vegetative propagation and deployment of varieties (a.k.a. clonal forestry) - the scope for Europe


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