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EU research programmes

To extend the value and impact of UK government research funding, Forest Research participates in a variety of European Union (EU) research programmes.

EU Framework Programme

Forest Research has participated in Framework Programmes since FP3. The current Framework Programme, FP7, runs from 2007 to 2013. 

Framework Programmes that involve Forest Research

European Co-operation in Scientific & Technical Research Programme (COST)

COST is a framework for scientific and technical co-operation, allowing the co-ordination of national research on a European level. Cost Actions consist of basic & pre-competitive research and activities of public utility.

COST Action projects in which Forest Research is involved.

LIFE Environment Programme

LIFE, the Financial Instrument for the Environment, co-finances projects to conserve natural habitats, fauna and flora, to support Environmental policies and to communicate progress in these fields.

LIFE projects in which Forest Research is involved.

Interreg programme

To help stimulate harmonious and sustainable spatial development in the European countries, EU INTERREG programmes fund innovative projects that develop regional economies and help achieve social and environmental progress.  Britain participates in 8 Interreg Programmes, including: the Northern Periphery Programme, the Atlantic Arc Programme,Wales-Eire Programme, Two Seas Programme, the North Sea Programme and N.W.E. ‘B’.

Interreg projects in which Forest Research is involved

Forest Reproductive Materials Directive

The EU Forest Reproductive Materials Directive aims to ensure that forest reproductive material supplied for any site within the EU is suitable for that site’s geographic location.

Forest Research activities in support of EU Forest Reproductive Materials Directive

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What's of interest

EU Technology Platform logo
Technology Platform of the European Forest-Based Sector

The Technology Platform is a joint initiative of the European forest-based sector, to promote joint European cooperation on research and innovation.