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About Forest Research

We are one of the world’s leading centres of research into woodlands and forestry.

Our aims, objectives and environmental policy

We aim to provide research services relevant to UK and international forestry interests and inform and support forestry’s contribution to UK governmental policies. Our core roles are to provide the evidence base for UK forestry practices and to support innovation.

Research, products and services portfolio

Trees have a profound influence on our lives:

  • On our environment and health
  • On our access to green space
  • On our landscapes and their biodiversity
  • As a raw material for construction, fuel and other uses
  • On livelihoods and the rural economy.

Our portfolio of research and development is diverse, as it covers all of the aspects mentioned above. Our core roles are to provide the evidence base for UK forestry practices and to support innovation. We also provide a range of products and services to support the land management and environmental technologies sectors.

Clients and collaborations

Our core work for the Forestry Commission supports the forestry strategies for England, Scotland and Wales.

We also have a growing portfolio of work for external clients. We provide research, development and associated services to government departments and commercial organisations in the UK, European Union and elsewhere.

Nationwide capability

Our main research stations are in Surrey and near Edinburgh with a research unit in Aberystwyth. We also have a nationwide network of regional offices and field stations giving us the capacity to conduct research on a GB basis.
More about our nationwide capability


Our scientific staff are organised in three research centres.

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Quality assurance

We are committed to delivering high quality scientific research which fully meets our customers’ needs for quality assurance. We aim to offer a flexible approach, focused on customers’ needs for quality, timeliness and cost.
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The Advisory Committee on Forestry Research has been dissolved and replaced by the Expert Committee on Forest Science (FC) which provides guidance for Forest Research and the Forestry Commission on the quality and direction of our research.

Working at Forest Research

We are proud to be the employer of choice for many who want to work in forestry or in tree-related research. We are committed to encouraging a diversity of applicants for jobs, avoiding unfair discrimination and implementing ‘family friendly’ policies including flexible working patterns and part-time employment.

We also offer a small number of work experience, undergraduate, MSc and post doctoral placements each year and industrial partnerships for Research Council CASE Ph.D. studentships.
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Corporate publications and minutes

You can read detailed information about Forest Research, what we have achieved, what we are doing now and our future plans, in our corporate publications. These include: