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Products & services

We offer a broad portfolio of forestry related products and services, both for the UK and internationally. Some are fee-based and others are free. We also offer a wide selection of technical forestry and environmental publications, many of which are available for free download.

  • Consultancy and research
    Finding better ways of managing natural resources, improving tree quality and forest operations and helping clients to solve foresty and tree-related problems.
  • Forest planning and management
    Linking the relevant environmental and biodiversity factors to forest and woodland practice.
  • Plant, tree, soil and water testing
    Chemical analysis of plant, water and soil samples, testing of plant stock quality and tree assessment products.
  • Research Forests
    Conduct studies in a known context, with access to the forests (in Hampshire and Gwynedd) and their historic scientific data.
  • Scientific and technical information
    Research Information Service, Photographic Library and technical forestry and environmental publications.
  • Technical Development Services
    Information and recommendations for forestry practitioners and decisions makers about mechanised and manual work systems and associated operations.
  • Technical Services
    Technical and environmental services and advice to scientists, woodland managers and land based industries.
  • Tools to support forest management decisions
    Web-based and/or downloadable decision support packages.
  • Tree health and protection
    Laboratory-based diagnostic services, computer-based decision support systems, treatment services, herbicidal and other products.