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Description of led learning programmes

Seed to soil (full/half day sessions, led by FC staff)

Years R-6

Contains the following curriculum links: EYFS: understanding the world; KS1/2 Science: working scientifically, plants, living things in their habitats. 

Key concepts: germination, seed dispersal, competition, plant structures and their functions, adaptation, photosynthesis, plant growth, grouping or classification, tree diversity.

An introduction to trees and their lives, using the National Pinetum to illustrate and inspire. Tailor the programme to your requirements by choosing from a range of options. These include a guided walk to discover the diversity of our trees using games, storytelling and sensory activities, as well as indoor sessions which involve group work and whole class role play.

Team building  (full/half day sessions led by our learning partner, Kent High Weald Partnership)   

Year 5 up to adults

Contains curriculum links for KS2/3 in design and technology, PE and geography.

Key concepts: listening and talking skills, working as a team and co-operation, problem solving, coping with challenges, outdoor and adventurous activities.

The three elements to this programme are: team problem solving challenges, shelter (den) building and map reading. A combination of the three can be used on your visit depending on the time available.

This is a popular and enjoyable choice, whether you want to reward your group for work well done or to bond them at the start of a term. 



Last updated: 16th May 2016

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