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Private Investment Opportunities

We estimate that government and the sector working together towards this shared objective could achieve 12% woodland cover by 2060, an average planting rate of 5000 ha per year, provided private investment in woodland creation increases in line with our expectations. This page explores some opportunities for private investment.

Various charities and NGOs may offer financial assistance from time to time. The most well-known of these groups is the Woodland Trust.

Today there are many companies and institutions wishing to buy carbon credits as a way of compensating for their unavoidable Greenhouse Gas emissions. The Forestry Commission's Woodland Carbon Code is a scheme which enables carbon credits to be created in woodland creation projects audited to the standard.  These units can be sold to corporates wishing to compensate for their emissions, as set out in:

Carbon could provide additional income to help with the establishment and management of your woodland.  It is possible to combine both Countryside Stewardship and carbon finance, provided you can demonstrate your project meets the Code’s eligibility criteria.  

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There are several ways to find others with carbon projects or to ‘advertise’ Woodland Carbon for sale:


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