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Real Christmas Trees

Real christmas treesWe offer a wide range of sustainably grown Christmas trees. All trees are netted by our team for your convenience. 

The Forestry Commission have teamed up with the Midlands Air Ambulance to provide a free tree carry out service at weekends to help you carry your tree to your car. The Midlands Air Ambulance is a charity that provides emergency response cover across Cannock Chase and Staffordshire, and would be thankful for any donations. At other times Forestry Commission staff will be happy to help you carry your tree should you require assistance. 


  Fir  Pine Spruce
Pot grown (1m - 1.2m)  £30 -  £30
4ft/1.2m   £35 £35  -
5ft/1.5m  £40 £40  £40
6ft/1.8m  £45 £45  £45
7ft/2.1m  £55 £55  £55
8ft/2.4m  £65 £65  -
9ft/2.7m  £90 -  -
10ft/3.0m  £110 -  -
12ft/3.6m  £135 -  -
14ft/4.2m  £160 -  -

Larger Trees and Delivery 

The Forestry Commission no longer offers a tree delivery service or sells trees larger than 14ft/4.2m. As an alternative you could try Elveden Trees who can be contacted on 01842 890423.

Tree Stands

A range of tree stands are available for you to buy to hold your tree upright and keep it in the best condition by allowing you to water your tree regularly. Stands range in price from £20 - £30. 

Craft Stalls

This year there won't be any craft stalls.

Tree Tips

Follow our tips to help your real Christmas tree stay fresh and healthy into the New Year.

  • Stand it in a bucket of water and keep it in a cool place such as a garage or shed until you are ready to take indoors for decorating.
  • Before taking it indoors, cut off at least one inch (2.5 cm) from the bottom of the trunk and gently shake the tree to remove any loose needles.
  • Pot the tree with the trunk immersed in water. Our woodland centres have special stands.
  • Do not use sand or soil in the tree stand as they restrict water from being drawn up the trunk.
  • Stand the tree in the coolest part of the room, ideally next to a window and away from radiators and fires and top it up with water daily.

Types of Tree   


Rigid, upright stance makes it ideal for decorating. There is excellent retention of the broad, soft needles.




The traditional Christmas tree with a good conical structure. The fine needles are a rich green colour and have a distinctive fragrance. Spruce will drop more neddles than other tree species so may require a bit of extra care.



Cheery, bushy foliage with a fragrant scent. The long soft needles are retained well.




Last updated: 17th October 2016

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