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Montage of wild deer in Wales

Wild Deer Management in Wales

Wild Deer Management in Wales, the Welsh Government’s (WG) strategy for deer was published in February 2011. This sets out WG’s aims and objectives for the sustainable management of deer in Wales - in both the public and private sectors. The strategy was developed by a partnership led Forestry Commission Wales (FCW) and included the Countryside Council for Wales (CCW), the Deer Initiative Partnership and WG.

The strategy supports WG’s vision that “Wales benefits from its wild deer population in balance with the natural, social and economic environment. The strategy recognises that although an expanding deer population would make it more difficult to deliver many of the objectives in the Woodlands for Wales strategy and objectives for agriculture and the natural environment, we should uphold the value of wild deer as part of our natural heritage, ensuring that where active management is required, it is sustainable as well as safe, humane and effective.

The factors that have driven the need for developing a strategy are:

  • Deer and their impacts in Wales
  • WG’s international commitments to biodiversity
  • WG policies and priorities including those relating to the environment, biodiversity and agriculture
  • Woodlands for Wales: The Welsh Government’s Strategy for Woodlands and Trees.

In developing the strategy an issues paper was produced and stakeholders were invited to comment. The stakeholder responses were incorporated into the published strategy. 

Action Plan

The Wild deer management in Wales Action Plan 2011 -2016 was published in December 2011 and sets out what needs to happen over the next five years to deliver the aims of the strategy.

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