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Phytophthora ramorum outbreak and risk zones maps

Outbreak map - identifies areas where there is or has been confirmed or presumed infection in larch trees. Laboratory analysis of samples returns conclusive results in only a minority of cases, so a presumption of infection is used where all the other indications point to the presence of P. ramorum infection.

The coloured dots on the map indicate sites where P. ramorum has been confirmed or presumed, and statutory plant health notices (SPHNs) have been issued. Each colour represents the April-March year in which this occurred.

South-West Scotland Red Zone

The rate of spread and severity of the disease in Galloway, South-West Scotland, which became evident in 2013 means control by issuing SPHNs requiring sanitation felling is no longer practicable. It is proposed that the only statutory controls applied in the worst-affected area will relate to the movement of infected timber and bark, and this area is delineated by the "red zone" on the map. Control by SPHN will continue elsewhere in Scotland.

Map of Ramorum disease incidence in Scotland

The UK has been divided into three risk zones, with Zone 1 being at greatest risk from P. ramorum infection, and Zone 3 being at least risk.

Risk zones map

Different regulations governing felling and replanting trees apply according to the risk zone in which the site is located.


Last updated: 1st September 2015