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Change of Ownership or Occupancy

Our guidance on what to do when land is sold or changes in occupancy take place during the period of an FC grant contract is being updated.

It is vital that the FC is informed at the earliest possible opportunity. This is so we can provide broad guidance on potential implications and point you to further sources of advice. Until our new guidance is available please contact your local Forestry Commission office for advice.

Where there is an ownership/occupancy change, the implications on the previous and new owner/occupier varies depending on a variety of circumstances including:

  • Grant Scheme (EWGS, WGS, Farm Woods etc);
  • whether work has started;
  • whether grant has been claimed already;
  • whether there are outstanding grant payments;
  • the wishes of the new owner/occupier to take on the conditions of the scheme and/or receive future payments;
  • the condition of the scheme.
Last updated: 6th April 2016