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Dog walker on a forest trail.


Here you will find reports, notes, publications, links and other information to help improve your access management, to both optimise the many social benefits dogs bring, and minimise any negative impacts caused by their owners.

Please acknowledge the source and author of any resources used. These materials will be reviewed and updated; please email to let us know of other resources that are useful to include. 

Strategic overview, policy and practice

The issues, challenges and opportunities of a new approach to managing access for walkers with dogs.

How to do it!

Influencing behaviour and persuasive communication

Practical advice on how best to influence dog owners - and other access users - through signs, leaflets and other communication.

Dog and Human Activity Trail

Design guidance and evaluation results from the first pilot trail on Teesside.

Effective signage

Universally-relevant advice on designing signs that are clear, credible and effective.

Assistance dogs

Guidance to help staff recognise officially-trained assistance dogs, and avoid unintentionally breaking the Disability Discrimination Act 1995.

Example publications for dog owners

These illustrate new approaches and can give inspiration for developing your own materials. Please contact the publishers if you wish to use or adapt existing texts and images.

You and your dog in the countryside
These innovative booklets engage with dog owners through messages centred on the dog’s well-being - see case study 9.

  • England version – Countryside Agency / Natural England / Kennel Club 2005.
  • English version – Countryside Council for Wales / Kennel Club, 2005.
  • Welsh version – Countryside Council for Wales / Kennel Club, 2005.

Petsercise booklet
Good advice for motivating people to take exercise through their pet; jointly addresses human and pet obesity.

Credit card dog ‘passports’
These credit-card sized ‘passports’ use the dog’s safety and well-being to engage with owners, whilst communicating simple responsibility messages.

Wish you were here postcard
Promote visits to Forestry Commission sites, using the dog’s voice as a fun and engaging way to communicate. Part of FC England’s 2007 ‘Walkies in the Woods’ campaign.

Dog code poster
A generic Forestry Commission poster to help dog owners have a safe, responsible and enjoyable visit.

Poo bag design
A positive design for overprinting on poo bags, with clear messages about disposal and picking up. Best used on bags with ‘ear tags’ so they can be easily tied shut. Part of FC England’s 2007 ‘Walkies in the Woods’ campaign.

Flick it poster
An innovative approach to people who “bag it and fling it”. First trialled at Delamere Forest in 2006, this poster aims to keep paths clear in less sensitive areas, and reduce the use and abuse of bags.

  • View the Flick It poster