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Site Improvements

We are delighted to say that the Planning Application for the Improvements to Wendover Woods Visitor Facilities has been approved.

The planning application can be found on the Aylesbury Vale Website at The planning reference is 13/00344/APP. Many thanks to all those who have supported this for your feedback, ideas and helping with amendments to design.

We are currently looking to improve visitor facilities in Wendover Woods.

Many of you are aware that we have been investigating proposals and seeking funds to upgrade and improve facilities here within Wendover Woods.  It has been recognised for some time that facilities, such as the children's play area, toilets and car parking are inadequate for purpose.  Visitors surveys and open days during 2007 and 2008 identified key issues that visitors wished to be addressed.

Example of poor parking.Insufficient parking capacity on busy weekends.

Some of the key issues raised were:

  • The need for more and better toilets & baby changing facilities
  • Insufficient car parking
  • Confusing traffic flow and cars parked in front of signs
  • The need for trail improvements
  • The play area can be wet and muddy
  • Need for a wider variety of play equipment for all ages and abilities.

We have now finalised the planning these changes, looking at all options for sustainable improvements to buildings, imaginative and all inclusive play facilities, less intrusive vehicular access and greater parking capacity, wrapped up within some landscape improvements.  Progress will happen, but it may take a couple of years and require a phased approach.  Fundraising is ongoing. To view the plans and feedback, please go to

In the meantime, please continue to visit Wendover Woods and enjoy its many trails, picnic sites and view points and let us know your opinion on development to ensure we deliver what you, our audience, want.

Contact us on the address provided on the information page or email:


Last updated: 10th August 2016

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