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For information on the types of grant that may be available for the planting and/or management of woodland, please see the English Woodland Grant Scheme pages.                                                                                                      

 Cornwall from Cotehele House. South West England Conservancy  



 Horner Woods from Luccombe. Exmoor. Somerset. South West England Conservancy  

Detailed information and advice on funding within Ancient Woodland Priority Areas in the South West is also available - see Woodland Improvement Grant for Biodiversity in the South West   

For more detailed advice on schemes contact your local Woodland Officer,  contact one of our Woodland Officers who will be more than happy to help.

Farm Woodland Schemes  

If you need help with any Farm Woodland Scheme or Farm Woodland Premium Scheme in the South West, please contact the Farm Woodlands team on 01392 834242 or email