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UNECE Timber Forecast Questionnaire

The UNECE Timber Forecast (formerly Timber Committee) Questionnaire (TF) collects estimates for the current year and forecasts for the coming year of removals, production and trade of wood and wood products. Statistics are collected annually by the UNECE.

Latest return:
Timber Forecast Questionnaire 2015: UK forecasts (Excel, PDF).

Note : Import and export quantities of wood pellets in 2013 and 2014 have been significantly revised from the provisional JFSQ return, due to the correction of an error.

Guidance on how to interpret the Timber Forecast figures is available in the Methodology note: UNECE Timber Forecast.

Coverage:  United Kingdom

Geographical breakdown:  None

Statistician:  Jeremy Darot

Jackie Watson
Tel:  0300 067 5238

Next update:  6 October 2016

Pre-release access:
Information on pre-release access to Forestry Commission official statistics can be found on the pre-release access pages, including lists of the individuals who are given pre-release access to specific publications.

Previous returns:

Copies of recent UK returns, submitted by the Forestry Commission, are available below:

Further information:

In addition to the statistical data, countries are also required to submit market statements, describing the state of the timber industry. The most recent reports are provided below:

The historic data shown in the TC returns is consistent with the data supplied to international organisations in the JFSQ returns.  Estimates and forecasts are produced using advice from the Expert Group on Timber & Trade Statistics and other industry experts.

Last updated: 17th May 2016