West Midlands Forest School Woodland Improvement Grant

Final Year Summary Children at a Forest School in Mortimer Forest.

The final year of our Forest School Pilot Project was, as expected, oversubscribed.  The scheme attracted a total of 71 applications amounting to £198,200 in value, against an available budget of almost £90,000.

We were lucky enough to be in receipt of some £30,000 in additional funding that became available to us in December 2009.  This money needed to be dispersed immediately, with claims being processed before the end of March 2010.  There are some 40 settings that will benefit from this grant, which due to time constraints, was only open to applicants who had a Level Three Leader and had made previous attempts to secure grant funding from the Forestry Commission.

The Forest School Grant tables show both the number of applications recieved by County/Local Authority within our region and the subsequent awards made by the judging panel for the three years of this pilot project.

An evaluation and monitoring exercise will follow shortly, which will offer the Forestry Commission the opportunity to collate information on both the sustainability of settings along with their percieved value to the client group.