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Industry Surveys

Each year the Forestry Commission runs the following statistical surveys of the UK timber industry:

Private Sector Softwood Removals Survey

Sawmill Survey

Survey of Round Fencing Manufacturers

Survey of UK Pellet & Briquette Production

Nursery Survey

For more information on these surveys, please follow the links above.

Survey Reviews

Summary reviews are undertaken each year for our regular surveys. These consist of:

  • Establishing the continuing need for the survey;
  • Reviewing the questionnaire to be used; and
  • Updating the distribution list of businesses to be approached.

Full reviews of annual surveys are undertaken every 5 years. These are more detailed than the summary reviews.

There is a parallel process for methodology and outputs reviews.

Removals Survey Review 2015

In 2015, the survey of the UK Private Sector Softwood Removals Companies was reviewed. The findings and action plan can be found in this report.

Pellet Survey Review 2014

In 2014, the Survey of UK Pellet and Briquette Manufacturers was reviewed. The findings and action plan can be found in this report.

Fencing Survey Review 2013

In 2013, the Survey of Round Fencing Manufacturers was reviewed. The findings and action plan can be found in this report.

Sawmill Survey Review 2012

In 2012, the Sawmill Survey (detailed and short questionnaires) was reviewed. The findings and action plan can be found in this report.

The Methodology note: sawmill survey was subsequently published to document the methods and processes involved in data collection, and the editing and imputation performed on the survey.

Survey Control

The Forestry Commission (including its agencies Forest Research, Forest Enterprise England and Forest Enterprise Scotland) follows survey control procedures, which provide a mechanism for controlling the burden of surveys on businesses and local authorities. Application of these procedures in the FC is described in a guidance note.

The Survey Control Liaison Officer prepares annual reports (previously called Compliance and Quality Improvement Plans), which report on statistical survey activity in the latest financial year and set out plans for future statistical surveys, in the coming year and outline plans for the following two years.

The latest annual plans are available here. Separate annual plans are compiled for England, Scotland and Wales. An Annex to each plan brings together the estimated compliance costs for FC surveys in all three countries, giving Great Britain totals. From 2012, the Annex has been expanded to include Northern Ireland (for surveys run across the UK).

2014 Annual Report on Statistical Surveys

2013 Annual Report on Statistical Surveys

2012     Scotland    Wales    UK Annex  (The England report in 2012 was included as part of the Defra report).

2011    Scotland    Wales    GB Annex  (The England report in 2011 was included as part of the Defra report).

2010    England    Scotland    Wales    GB Annex

2009    England    Scotland    Wales    GB Annex

2008    England    Scotland    Wales    GB Annex

2007    England    Scotland    Wales    GB Annex

2006    England    Scotland    Wales    GB Annex 


Last updated: 14th January 2016