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Felling Licence Exemptions

Under certain circumstances does not require the felling license. Exceptions can be classified according to:

The kind of work on the trees
Volume and diameter
other permissions
Legal and statutory requirements

Use the information below to check whether a licence is required. You are strongly advised to contact Forestry Commission Wales before felling to check that a licence is not necessary.  Use the Contact Us button to find out the address of the nearest Forestry Commission office or send e-mail. 

Do I Need a Felling Licence? - Explanation of Exemptions> (PDF, 3085k - English only)


You do not need a licence to fell trees in:

  • a garden;
  • an orchard;
  • a churchyard; or
  • a designated open space (Commons Act 1899).
Type of Tree Work

You do not need a licence to carry out:

  • lopping;
  • topping;
  • pruning; or 
  • pollarding.
Volume and Diameter

You do not need a licence:

  • To fell less than 5 cubic metres in a calendar quarter (Please note that you cannot sell more than 2 cubic metres in a calendar quarter).
  • For trees that have the following diameters when measured 1.3 metres from the ground:
    • 8 cm or less;
    • 10 cm or less for thinnings; or 
    • 15cm or less for cutting coppice
Other Permissions

You do not need a licence if you have a current permission under:

  • Planning permission (granted under the Town and Country Planning Act)
Legal and statutory requirements

You do not need a licence if you need to fell trees:

  • that are dangerous or to prevent a nuisance;
  • to prevent the spread of a quarantine pest or disease in accordance with a notice served by a Forestry Commission Plant Health Officer;
  • to comply with an Act of Parliament; or 
  • to enable you to carry out work as a statutory undertaker

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Tree Felling - Getting Permission  (1748k - pdf)
Charter standard statement for felling licensing  (201k - pdf)
Rough guide to calculating timber volumes (pdf)