Tree Name Trail

Follow our Tree Name Trail to identify a tree by its leaves.

needlesDoes your tree have leaves that are long and narrow like flat needles?

leafDoes your tree have broad flat leaves?

scalesOr does your tree have a scale-like leaf?

Did you know?

Trees can be divided into two main groups: those that have flattened and wide leaves (known as broadleaves) and those that have needle-like leaves (known as conifers).  Most broadleaved trees lose their leaves in the winter and are called deciduous; but most conifers keep their leaves in the winter and are called evergreen. As well as the leaves, it is helpful to look at other features such as the tree shape, bark, buds flowers (all trees have them in some form, mostly in Spring and Summer), fruit and seeds (mostly in late Summer and Autumn). Use whatever you can.