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Explore Stockhill Wood
(Average user rating: 4 unrated 4/5)

Stockhill interpretation panel, Mendips

Stockhill is a pre-dominantly coniferous woodland within the Mendip Hills AONB and is renowned for its nightjar and long-eared owl populations.

There is a medium sized car park, a small number of picnic benches and a circular easy access trail

The ground reveals the rise and fall of lead mining over 2000 years. The Mendip Hills had rich veins of lead running just beneath the surface in seams. These seams or 'rakes' were dug and then reworked over generations as machinery and techniques improved. This activity has led to the industrial wasteland or gruffy ground of lumps, bumps and rock outcrops you see today.

What do other visitors say?

5 Stars 5 Stars

Great place for a nice little walk.

Just wondering though, as walking around there was a nice slice of trunk in amongst the foliage, is there a rule as to not being able to take it or someone that I could pay for such a piece, (not for firewood but table top project)

Anonymous, 20/Oct/2016

It is not peritted to take wood from the forest, as even deadwood is valuabel habitat and forms part of the ecosystem. We do on occassion sell logs for community projects, but this would depend on availability.

Forestry Commission Response

Is wild camping allowed in stockhill woods if so are there youths that disturb the peace and tranquillity of a woodland

Happy camper, 18/Oct/2016

Camping is not permitted in Stockhill woodlands. You can report any issues to us at

Forestry Commission Response
3 Stars 3 Stars

Are there any edible mushrooms to forage in stock Hill? I visited last week and noticed there was alot of work going on limiting my hike the forest looks a complete mess with tractor tyres ripping up the ground and trees left in massive piles

Anonymous, 11/Oct/2016

There is a range of fungi in Stockhill woods, though we would not recommend eating any of them unless you are an expert, as fungi can be incredibly difficult to identify correctly and many are harmful if eaten. We currently have harvesting operations in this woodland. This is essential for the sustainable supply of timber. Our woodlands are managed for timber, wildlife and people. Some areas will be left fallow for several years for the benefit of ground nesting birds. Although it may look a mess to you ar the moment, the forest will soon recover and benefit from the additional light that can now reach the forest floor.

Forestry Commission Response
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