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Explore Ollerton Pit Wood
(Average user rating: 5 unrated 5/5)

Surfaced tracks and way-marked trails create circular routes from the car park. The walk round the pond is suitable for wheelchair users, can you spot the swans nesting on their platform? 

For the more adventerous try hiking up the pit top for great views of the surrounding countryside including Sherwood Forest Country Park, Thoresby Colliery and Wellow Wood. 

Are your eyes keen enough to pick out Thoresby Hall from among the trees?  Wellow Wood and Boughton Brake look amazing in the autumn too.

Blue Trail
  • Moderate
After a steep climb you get a great view.
White Trail
  • Easy
The White trail is a waymarked trail from the car park and around the pond. The gradient is easy with one small section of hill. Its a popular route for daily dog walkers, mums with pushchairs and runners alike.

What do other visitors say?

5 Stars 5 Stars

John Cena, 15/Mar/2016

Are dogs allowed in the water ?? i seen a small dog in it yesterday and just water to ask

dog lover, 27/Mar/2015

Hi dog lover. As the ranger for the site I don't have a huge issue with dogs being in the water as long as they are not distrubing breeding birds. It looks like the swans may nest this year so hopefully dog owners can be responsible over the coming months.

Forestry Commission Response

I was walking the white trail at Ollerton Pit Woods on 10th January 2014 when a bird flew up from the grass a few metres ahead of me and flew into the woods. I did not get a full view of the bird but it appeared to be greyish brown with very bright yellow on its back. It flew quietly even though it had been startled. Not sure about size but it was probably a fair bit larger than a blackbird. I have tried to identify it from bird books and photos online but have had no success. I wondered if it could have been a golden plover or maybe a woodcock but the colours didn't seem right. Can anyone help please?

Heather Wilkinson, 11/Jan/2014

Hi Heather, I have a feeling what you saw is a Green Woodpecker. They are green and grey with a yellow rump which would fit with your description and red on their head. They can look quite dull in gloomy weather but are glorious in the sunshine. There are lots on site due to the number of ants which are their main source of food. When you are there next walk through the grass verges and you will see lots of big ant hills, be careful not to fall over them! They use their strong beak to bury into them and eat the ants.

Forestry Commission Response
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Last updated: 14th April 2016

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What's Here?

  • Cycling
  • The site is not suitable for horse riding but feel free to cycle round.
  • Dog bin
  • Dog bins can be found in the car park and at the Tuxford Road entrance.
  • Horse riding
  • The site is not suitable for horse riding but feel free to cycle round.
  • Information
  • An information panel is located near the car park and Tixford Road entrance.
  • Parking
  • The car park is off Newark Road.
  • Picnic
  • There are picnic benches overlooking the pond on the white trail and at the top of the hill off the blue trail.
  • Walking
  • Try the white trail or blue trail for good views over the countryside and pond.
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OS Grid ref: SK667673
Postcode: NG22 9PZ

Get directions


Sherwood Forest Community Rangers
0300 067 5443

Opening & Parking

The car park is off Newark Road.

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