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Explore Wheldrake Woods and Broad Highway Car Park
(Average user rating: 4 unrated 3.4/5)

Wheldrake Wood is located close to the City of York. It is largely coniferous, growing corsican pine and socts pine as well as larch and some areas of sruce and fir. There are also a great number if individual trees and small stands of oak and birch, as well as a few coniferous rarities such as a giant sequoia.

There is a car park at Hardmoor with many informal footpaths throughout the wood.


What do other visitors say?

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I visited the woods on Thursday to take some landscape photographs. I put my camera bag on the ground to unpack the camera but didn't spot the dog s**t in the long grass. I only realised once I'd put the bag back over my shoulder. Absolutely disgusting, dog faeces is everywhere!

Anonymous, 12/Nov/2016

The forestry commission promotes responsible dog ownership and encourages people to 'bag it and take it home'. We will review signage at the woodland to promote this.

Forestry Commission Response

How can we get dogs bins posted in Wheldarke woods, after hundreds of complaints and to reduce fowling?

@Laurence Elliott, 26/Jun/2016

Unfortunately we are not able to provide dog poo bins for Wheldrake Woods due to cost of disposal which the Forestry Commission is not in a position to cover at present. Our policy is to try and educate dog walkers to be responsible and take waste home.

Forestry Commission Response

Hi,my family and i are looking for somewhere to do a big wild sleepout as part of the RSPBs BigWildSleepout project. We were hoping to find a nice forest to build a den in and stay in over night. Would this be something we could do in Wheldrake wood?

Anonymous, 21/Jun/2016

Please contact our office on 0300 067 4300 for further advice and permission.

Forestry Commission Response
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Last updated: 29th November 2016

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OS Grid ref: SE660470

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