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Explore Stapleford Woods
(Average user rating: 4 unrated 3.1/5)

The place for a peaceful walk which plays host to a large number of exotic trees. 

A surfaced trail is available from the main car park and picnic site.

White Trail
  • Easy
This surfaced easy access trail meanders through some interesting woodland.

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What do other visitors say?

4 Stars 4 Stars

Hi Ive always really enjoyed walking through the woods - whats the policy about metal detecting there? Thanks

Anonymous, 17/Feb/2014

Hi, I am sorry to say that the use of the forests is governed by the Forestry Commission Byelaws and under these the use of metal detectors is specifically not permitted.

Forestry Commission Response
4 Stars 4 Stars

The Rutland Hash House Harriers carried out a small and informal cross-country run in the wood earlier today, 2 Feb 14. It was all very pleasant. The flooded paths close to the car park added and extra element of challenge and fun. The trail route was marked with symbols laid in white flour. Pedestrians and dog walkers should not be concerned. The flour is completely harmless.

Phil, 2/Feb/2014

Thanks for the comment - we are glad that you enjoyed your visit to Stapleford Woods. Don't forget that if you wish to organise an event in Stapleford Wood then please contact us to advise us of your plans, so we can advise you of any other operations or events which may be taking place.

Forestry Commission Response
1 Star 1 Star

We visited Stapleford Woods last week with a group children hoping for an easy walk along the access trail on a sunny day. We didn't walk very far! We were disgusted by the state of the woodland paths which can only be described as one continuous dog toilet! What a lack of care and respect in what could be a lovely area! Needless to say we will not be returning and will not be recommending these woods to anyone else.

Anonymous, 10/Dec/2013

Hi Stephen and thanks for your comment. It is a shame that people cannot be responsible dog owners and ruin the experience for other users. We will continue to highlight the problem with posters and try and encourage people to keep the paths clear of poo for the enjoyment of all users.

Forestry Commission Response
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Chalara ash dieback

What's Here?

  • Cycling
  • No official trails but biokes are welcome.
  • Information
  • Information board is in the car park near the start of the trail.
  • Orienteering
  • Map available from local orienteering club.
  • Parking
  • Free parking in the car park off Stapleford Lane/Coddington Lane.
  • Picnic
  • Is in the car park.
  • Walking
  • An easy access trail starting in the car park.
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OS Grid ref: SK857 561

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Opening & Parking

Free parking in the car park off Stapleford Lane/Coddington Lane.

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