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Twyford Wood is an interesting ancient woodland site. The wood was a second world war airfield, RAF North Witham, and still retains many military artefacts, including the wide open runways and the derelict control tower. After the war the airfield part of the wood was planted with oak and conifer trees. The grassland areas are home to a regionally important colony of dingy and grizzled skipper butterflies. The butterfly reserves are managed by the Lincolnshire Branch of Butterfly Conservation. The wood has a small car park.

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4 Stars 4 Stars

Had a lovely peaceful wander round the woods - amazed at the scale of the place & very intrigued by the sign mentioning 'known sinkholes'. How big and how many? And what has caused them? Is it anything to do with the bomb dump?

Fiona, 23/Sep/2014

There are far too many sinkholes to count. They are a geological feature, caused when the surface collapes into underground streams. They are not connected with any WWII activities.

Forestry Commission Response
5 Stars 5 Stars

A wonderful place. A gem. I hope it remains unspoilt. A lovely walk in the grasp of nature with a wonderful historic feel. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit.

Russ, 15/Aug/2014

We visited Twyford Wood on 16/05/14 hoping to find out information about where in the wood we could find grizzled skipper as two of the people in our group are members of Butterfly Conservation. We were unable to find out any information about where in the wood the Butterflies are. We understand that there are two areas (or small reserves) within the woodland but could find no information as to where in the wood they are.Owing to time constraints we had to leave without any information at all. wher can we find information as to the location of the reserve areas.

Bert, 17/May/2014

You need to contact the Lincolnshire branch of Butterfly Conservation, who manage the sites.

Forestry Commission Response
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What's Here?

  • Cycling
  • The concrete runways make for excellent all-weather cycle routes.
  • Horse riding
  • Horse riding is welcome in Twford Wood, but grassy rides and tracks may be very wet.
  • Walking
  • You are free to enjoy walking along the World War II runways and feeder roads throughout the wood.
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